Saturday inspiration

Mexican photographer, Flor Garduño has some amazing work. 
I love how she works with natural light, nature & female nude.




A couple of weeks ago I went to Bretagne, a region at the north-west in France. It was something very different to see, and all the time I felt that I was back in the medieval times.
We had a terrific tour guide so we made a lot of interesting stops along the way.

First the famous Mont Saint Michel (which I dont quite understand if its in Normandy or Bretagne)

View from the Castle.

Then we headed to Saint-Malo a walled city.

We tried to find out which were the best Kouign Aman in the town. Which is a delicious breton pastry made from a loooooooot of -bretagne- butter (best butter ever)

Interesting thing about this region: the tide goes in and out in a matter of hours (notice the bridge)

The hotel.

Dinard & Dinan 


Endings & beginnings

Time has passed fast, almost a year and as something is about to end, there are new events and decisions happening. I look back and I realize of how much I have learned during this time and how many interesting people I have met. I am so lucky that I got to experience all this. When this started I felt so unexperienced and so lost; I was doing it all wrong.

There is the highlight that last week (during portfolio reviews) I got a positive comment about my latest work and style from a person I really respect too much, which made me so happy.

Luckily I will have some news soon, about a very interesting proposition. Have you felt that everything is finally happening? Im feeling that way. Maybe in a week it will go away, but right now I am so happy (specially with this nice sunny days!) and I just have to write it down. Plus tomorrow there is an extra special meeting with photographer Paolo Roversi, which I am looking so forward to! (will write about it)



Makeup Artistry

This days I have been into ***makeup*** , checking makeup schools and artists and finally making some plans for this year. An opportunity came and I will probably get in a makeup school here in Paris just to learn more about it, so I am reaaally excited about that.

I have recently discovered the work of Inge Grognard, a make up artist from Belgium signed with Jed Root. She has a really particular style, she likes to leave a little naked the skin, and have some rawness in her work using brush strokes and giving an appearance of “unfinished“, yet she makes the beauty of the face to really stand out. She also hates retro makeup and believes in creating new things and ideas.